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Have a birthday coming up, special event, or gathering? What better way to celebrate than with one of our delectable cakes! Offering a variety of signature cakes and custom flavors! Browse below or call our bake shop for more info!

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Belgian chocolate mousse and moist chocolate sponge cake glazed in bittersweet chocolate.
This item does not ship. Please Allow 2 business days to complete.
Solid hand molded chocolate Easter Bunnies. Choose size and type of chocolate.
In Stock
Exclusivley for use at Taste Budd's Cafe, in Red Hook, NY. $10 or higher value of your choice.
In Stock
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A special order is normally something you are trying to plan ahead for. A celebration cake or food trays to be delivered for your gathering. In most cases you can find what you want in our products menu and order it right here online. Should you want something special…just contact us below!

Order for Now - 1 to 2 trays of each food typeOrder for Later - more than 2 trays of each food type

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