No Flour Added Bread
No Flour Added Bread

No Flour Added Bread

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We bake this bread without adding flour for our customers who cannot digest wheat flour protiens. Its actually really good!

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One loaf will yeild 24 slices. We call this a no flour added bread instead of gluten free because we do have flour in our bake shop and make breads that have flour in them on the same equipment. However we can say that we are fanatically careful about cleaning everything and keeping these ingredients away from our wheat flour. This bread is made with white rice flour, potato starch, guar gum, egg white powder, tapioca powder, soy flour, whey powder, salt, instant yeast,water and fresh egg whites. Our patrons love it and we've only put it on the web because they have requested to order it by the loaf. We are sorry it is so much more expensive than regular bread. Unfortunatley these ingredients are really expensive and we have done the best we can with the price. We are not really making a profit on this.