The Look of Laura
The Look of Laura

The Look of Laura

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Book on the true treasures of life.. to raise funds for National Brain Tumor Foundation

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Fundraising for The National Brain Tumor Foundation. A 50 page paperback book of lovely stories. The Look of Laura is filled with stories about losing a loved one, and through the miracle of a lady bug, learning that the soul and spirit never dies. Also an undestanding that the true treasues in life are not necessarily fame and fortune but are family, friends and faith in the Lord. Kathleen Barry Budd. These are the stories which I have written over the past six years since my daughter Laura's death. Laura died July 6, 2000, a victim of a malignant brain tumor. She was only 30 years old. The stories in this book are not so much about Laura's suffering, but about my discovering her spirit after her death. I had felt the urgency to write and share these stories with my family and friends. With each new story the mailing just continued to grow. It was like sitting down to fill out Christmas cards but I wasn't doing it once a year. There turned out to be a story for each holiday period during the twelves months of the year. There were times when I didn't feel so bold or courageous in sending out the stories. I just couldn't judge who would understand them. I decided, however to mail all and hope for the best. It was always a relief after I slipped the letters through the slot at at post office, there was no turning back after they were mailed. Addressing, stamping and mailing each envelope was a long and expensive proceedure. One would have thought email an easier choice. I felt, however, that I needed the personal touch, and I did just that as I addressed these letters to each and every person. I had been encouraged by some of the people who read my stories to send them to Readers Digest for publication. I was honored by the thought, but I felt that each story was connected to the other, that they needed to be tied together. Some who had read my stories felt that I was dealing with my grief by writing. I agree that this was probably true, after all it is such a drak and lonely path we walk after we've lost a loved one. But I also felt very deeply that I had a message to deliver. There is such a message within each story, a message for you to dicover from your own understanding of it. The discovery of the lady bug in the middle of winter in our home was my first story, but I only shared it with a few people. I didn't feel too confident about my writing skill to share the story with everyone. When a friend asked if he could type it up for me I agreed. He returned the story after correcting my grammar and rephrasing some of the sentences. It helped me to gain the confidence to send the story out to all. In the bible story of Moses, he asked God, how can I lead the people when I am slow of speech? God told Moses that his brother Aaron would be his spokesman. I would like to think that God has given me an Aaron in my friend Al Kosloffsky, who edited and typed each story. I hope you will discover and experience the spirit of God as you read these stories. How blessed I feel to be able to share them wit