We are fully insured and follow all local codes and requirements including, public health, electrical, fire and certificates of authority. Our concession booths require a public water source, remote space for stock vehicles, and electricity (mobile bakery can generate quiet electricity when needed).

Minimum space requirements for our booths:

Bakery Trailer - 22 feet frontage, 16 feet deep.
Anchor Tent - 18 feet frontage, 15 to 20 feet deep.
Pop up canopy - 10 feet frontage, 10 to 15 feet deep.

Required Utilities:
Water - On site water hook up is preferred, although we have tanks to store water from a near by (walking distance) source if necessary.
Electric - Mobile Bakery and Anchor Bakery require 50 to 80 amp 220 volts. KD canopy can operate on 30 to 50 amps 220 volt.
Waste - Ground rolling storage waste tanks are commonly used when in ground receptacles are not available.

Stock Vehicles
At large or small events stock vehicles are an important and necessary part of our operation. They must be located within walking distance of the retail locations. We currently have three stock vehicles. One 22 foot dry storage truck, one 24 foot dry storage trailer, and one 24 foot refrigerator/freezer truck. The freezer truck has a cycle sentry Diesel powered Thermo King compressor which does make noise when running.

Installing Mobile Bakery
Because the bakery is a trailer we will need to confirm arrival time at all events with reserved space to back or pull into position. Normally the day before event is to open. Service side of trailer is passenger side of vehicle.

Set Up Time
It is preferable to set up the day before the event is to open. Set up takes 4 to 8 hours for each unit depending on the site.

Break Down Time
It takes 3 hours to clean and break down each unit.