Sorry Song Circle is discontinued for the moment.  We will post here if/when it returns to our musical line up.

Song Circle rules

· Acoustic only, but any sorts of instruments are welcome.

· Consider only "jam friendly" songs of 3 or 4 chords that everyone can play easily, and call out the key of the song before you begin.

· Play, Pass or Request - When it is your turn you can PLAY your song, PASS it to the person next to you (if you are not ready) or you can REQUEST a song from anyone in the circle. If you request, then the next turn is still the person next to you.

· The Singer should sing alone on the verse of the song, however everyone is welcome to sing along on the chorus.

· The singer can pass out instrumental solos with a glance to various musicians in the circle. If you accept a solo go ahead and play, if not you can shake your head no (shake it off).

· The singer should raise one foot to signal that the song is going to end.

· If you cannot hear the singer or the soloist you are playing too loud.

· Plan to play at the ability level of the group, we cannot create more than one circle.

· Make sure you are in tune.

· Keep it family friendly, Have fun and celebrate everyone who joins in.