From 7-9pm on the fourth Tues. of every month (unless noted otherwise on our calendar). Our song circle is essentially that, a circle of chairs for instrumental musicians and singers.

Truly a community music event.  Hosted by Maggie Rothwell, Justin Smith or Rachael Silverman, each person gets to play a song of their choice as it goes around clockwise. Everyone is invited to play along, solo when signaled and sing on the chorus.

Taste Budd's will donate one crock of soup for each song circle event. Help yourself!

When the soup is out holler nice and loud "86 SOUP!! (This is a saying used in kitchens all around the world which comes from only 86 portions of soup being made at the community soup kitchen.  It means there is no more soup.)

Song Circle rules

· Acoustic only, but any sorts of instruments are welcome.

· Consider only "jam friendly" songs of 3 or 4 chords that everyone can play easily, and call out the key of the song before you begin.

· Play, Pass or Request - When it is your turn you can PLAY your song, PASS it to the person next to you (if you are not ready) or you can REQUEST a song from anyone in the circle. If you request, then the next turn is still the person next to you.

· The Singer should sing alone on the verse of the song, however everyone is welcome to sing along on the chorus.

· The singer can pass out instrumental solos with a glance to various musicians in the circle. If you accept a solo go ahead and play, if not you can shake your head no (shake it off).

· The singer should raise one foot to signal that the song is going to end.

· If you cannot hear the singer or the soloist you are playing too loud.

· Plan to play at the ability level of the group, we cannot create more than one circle.

· Make sure you are in tune.

· Keep it family friendly, Have fun and celebrate everyone who joins in.